New Dial-A-Ranger! Party Girl Auditions! New Logo!

Posted: 2012/12/03 in Uncategorized
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So today brought us three things. New Dial-A-Ranger, which I know everyone has been waiting for.

In addition to that Sunday was day 2 of auditions for Party Girl. From 10:30 a.m. until about 7:00 p.m. we had a steady stream of people coming through the door who had appointments to audition for roles in the upcoming Web series. It’s cool on a couple of levels. It’s cool to see people who want to participate in this project, who have seen the script either whole or in part and think it’s worth their time and talent to participate. And it’s cool to see the words come to life if only briefly during the readings.

Special thanks out to Ada Perez, Dean Morgan, Daniel Hodson, Athena Strickland, Giovannie Cruz, Bailey Venable, Alan Chow, Tonya Ewalt, Dan Eaton, Victoria Sawyer, Morgan Lindholm, Katy Key and Selma Hernadez for taking time out of your day for this.

The hard part is sorting through these very talented, eager individuals to cast the roles needed.

Not an easy task by any means.

Lastly, we have a new logo. Billy Blade did a kick ass job based on a crappy sketch I gave him. I am far from any sort of artist but he took it and made it awesome, so we can slap our name on our projects in style.

Work by Billy Blade

Work by Billy Blade


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