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Well it will take you to a casting call for the Party Girl Web series we are developing. We are looking to shoot starting in Mid-January and for several months after for the first season. I can’t wait. Party Girl is something I have been stewing on since I was 11th grade. The character began as Marvel Comics fan fiction actually. When the Heroes Reborn universe storyline was done, I enjoyed the new take on Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky. Making her into a female. I wrote fanfiction with her as the center character of the stories for a while before wanting to make something original out of it so I stripped away the marvel connections and tweaked the background of the character to make it my own.

Fast forward to my college years at Louisiana Tech and there was one quarter where I tried to bring Party Girl to life with some friends. We shot a couple things, which I may stitch together at some point if I can dig the tapes out. It didn’t go very far though, as many things I tried to do back then. But I always kept it marinating. Tweaking it, updating characters, origins, adding some people, removing some people from the story. I think I have the strongest version of it going right now and I am reaching out to people to start putting that together and continue to build my body of work, expand my network and have fun making movies and Web shows.

The casting call is for many of the main cast members who appear on the majority of episodes. Though there will be plenty of guest spots for villains and extras throughout the first season. As I have told some people about this, the plan is to shoot the first season to completion. I know a lot of projects these days will shoot a trailer and then try to get funding or shoot half the first season or any combination of episodes and then try to raise money for future seasons. My aim is the same, in a way.

What I would like and plan to do is shoot the first season and try to raise money for the second and third seasons ( I am planning a set three season series) but not have the series handcuffed to needing money to continue. I will write the second and third season on the budget for the first season, with most of the money I am putting into it going toward costumes and equipment rental and food. If I can raise some cash and start compensating some people for their time and talents monetarily, that would be a boon. I am still working on the transition to being able to offer paying gigs to people, but I am confident I will get to that stage and I am confident in the material I will put out there.

Party Girl is going to be fun.

In other news, I continue to edit Insourcing episodes for its late December Interweb premiere. And Dial-A-Ranger will be humming along nicely. The first season is plotted out and the second episode will hit the Web Sunday.

On the graphic novel front, we’re awaiting samples from two more artists and hoping one of them nails the look of Annie Cruz, so we can begin the production part of that project in order for it to be completed around the middle of the year. Will be very excited to get that out there as I believe it will be a game change for Taurian Films.

So stay tuned, we have a lot coming.

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