Insourcing shoot and a brand new Web series, Dial-A-Ranger!

Posted: 2012/11/05 in Uncategorized

So there were a few things that happened this weekend. Both of them on Sunday. One, we finally got our first dose of Kevin Mother F’n Green as Bobby G for Insourcing. Which we all enjoyed. It was a fun shoot as it always is. Daniel was a bit late so while we waited I showed the cast on hand some of the rough cuts of the episodes. It was cool to see their reactions and see which jokes played for which people. All in all they were complimentary of them which keeps me inspired for the home stretch of this series. Thanks and props to folks like Adelle Del Rosario, Destinee Stewart, Monnika Young and Spencer Guess to come through as extras for the scene.

I am very appreciative of them.

Later on in the day I shot the first episode of “Dial-A-Ranger” a new Web series I am writing and producing that follows Stan Gerbil and his quest to become a real American hero, like his idols, the Power Rangers. It will be a mostly improve faux reality sort of show that will ideally get some laughs. The first episode was released Sunday and every Sunday we will have a new episode of the first 13 episode season. The idea is for them to be quick hitting, short funny installments. Something to do in between longer projects like Insourcing, Party Girl and HTB.
Here’s the first episode of Dial-A-Ranger!!

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