It was a Taurian Films kind of weekend this past one as I met with some potential Party Girl cast members, Emma Weatherford and Samantha Rieff, who quickly turned into official Party Girl cast members. I fully expected them to, I just needed formalities out of the way for them to meet me and vice versa to make sure we are on board with what I plan for the Web series, which will be the most ambitious project I have taken on to date.

We did some script reading and a lot of talking. I like the talking part as you can really get to know people you will work with and you get to see how exactly they will fit into your plans and even how you may fit in plans they have. For example, I knew Samantha from the 48hr film project entry I did early this year and in talking to her I learned she has some costuming talent that can be of a great great help for Party Girl in designing costumes for a couple of the villains in the first season.

In talking and reading, Emma’s mother Jenni, started to get interested in the role of Party Girl’s mother and I offered it to her. What better casting can you do for a mother and daughter than an actual mother and daughter tandem. That’s natural chemistry you can’t pass up as well as plenty of practice time for scenes and running lines at home which will make filming easier. I will definitely welcome that considering how much will need to be shot for this.

Sunday brought us more Insourcing shoots. Specifically Episodes 9,10,11. Great stuff as usual from the guys. Fabian’s continued improve with Travis’ lines and his actions and prop usage is just better than I could have hoped when originally reading the scripts. I have said it before and will again that I am floored by the dedication of these gentlemen towards getting the project done. It has a history of false starts and crap happening to stall things, but I gave it one last try and am grateful to have found these guys to help start it and get it over the finish line.

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