This week we offered a tease into “Insourcing” the long gestating project from Taurian Films and our first foray into doing a Web series. It certainly won’t be the last with what we have coming up in January with Party Girl, but we wanted to get our feet wet with this, see how it turned out, learn some technical things, meet some people and have fun. All of which are goals we are accomplishing.

The teaser has been well received and both Billy and myself continue to be impressed with what Greg, Fabian and Daniel are doing in the roles and with the characters and can’t wait to see them attack the material at the tail end of the series.

Over the weekend I helped on a music video shoot with the group TWIAIT with Bunny Killer Entertainment. BKE did a video recently for one of the guys….

Turned out pretty good so I am curious to see how the new vid looks. As usual, learning some things on the fly that will help me later on. In hindsight, I wish I had rented a wide angle lens, a true wide for the shoot. I will make sure I have a few to choose from next time outside of my trusty Zeiss 50mm. I recently saw a couple wides I was interested in but I am reduced to only renting at the moment as the money I have has to go into the graphic novel.

Speaking of the graphic novel, (see what I did there) we are waiting for two artists to send us sample pages on the “Hard Target B*tch” project. One should hit today so we are anxiously awaiting the results of that and being able to make a decision and pull the trigger on the start of the book. I keep hitting refresh on the e-mail inbox hoping to see one of them, patience…never been my virtue.

Bulls Deep: A Taurian Films Podcasts are back again. The latest one is 4.7 where we had a guest, DeDe Herron, who we have had before who is fun and provided some laughs for us. We had some audio issues, which seems to be a staple of this program, but we hope to get those ironed out in the future.
Find it at Bulls Deep: A Taurian Films Podcast

On that show we talk about things we have worked on, things we are working on and just seek to have fun and have some laughs mostly at our own expense. Take a listen if you haven’t so far. The humor is not for everyone we know, but you can try it on your ears and see what happens.

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