Has it been that long since this blog was updated? I would not have thought so, but looking at the calendar indicated otherwise. So I thought I would chime in with a few things that are going on.

Insourcing will pick up again on the 27th  of this month and Nov. 3rd. Provided there are no complications we should have a few more episodes worth of content shot. We have given people snippets of the rough cuts that exist now just to see how some of the jokes play on people who are aware of what the series is about and the content and people who I just walked up to and said ‘here, watch this.” It’s interesting to see what people laugh at versus what I thought were going to be the real joke winners. But as long as people are laughing, that’s good.

There is some technical stuff to clean up, but ideally that will be handled as we get into the second half of episodes. Still looking forward to the dynamic debut of Bobbie G as portrayed by Kevin “Mother F’n” Green. That will come in November as his October is fairly stacked with projects he is committed too. That is a hard working dude.

This weekend will bring folks together for another project I am working on that will start after Insourcing, that I am not at liberty to share at the moment (top secret stuff). We did some lighting tests on one of the sets this past weekend and there is a reason for tests as we found out as we broke one of the bulbs. But better it happen now then we have people gathered together to knock out a shoot.

This weekend will be the first audition for the “Party Girl” web series I aim to start in January or February of 2013. It’s a larger, longer series that will require time and some $$ put into the costumes. I have wondered what is the perfect timetable to start planning for it in terms of casting and such. I want to lock down the series star as soon as possible I know that so we can start working on the costume and doing some tests with that.

Looking at shooting a music video Oct. 20th. Which I am excited about. Working with Bunny Killer Ent. On that. They just put out a video featuring a local Denton artist, which is what I want to do more of myself. Ideally that will open some doors. Also met with a few more people local to Denton from the signs I posted who seem eager to participate in some of the upcoming Taurian works, which is what we want.

We have begun our renewed search for an artist for the “Hard Target B*tch” graphic novel. We had a creative disagreement with the previous artist we had and decided to part ways. We have had more replies to an ad posted online than we ever expected so we’re working our way through those. Well we were over the weekend and continue to do so today and over the next few days.

We are optimistic we will find someone in this crop so contracts can be signed and work can begin on this book, I think it will knock some socks off and put our name out there, and give us some good momentum going into shooting the film next fall.

Lots going of stuff going on, but we continue to move forward, slowly but surely.

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