Back to the Insourcing Well….

Posted: 2012/09/11 in Uncategorized
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And it was good to be back there. We shot the tail end of episode 1 as well as finishing episode 3 and shooting episodes 7 and 8. Well the James/Travis side of 7 and 8. Episode 8 requires a semi-naked individual in a lucha mask. Trust me when I say when you see who I get for the role and you see the role in action, it’s comedic gold.

It’s interesting to see Greg further sink his teeth into the role of Richard “Dick” Dicklan, the captain of the United Family Products ship. He added some adlibbed actions and words into the scenes we shot Sunday which made the scene in question much funnier I think. Fabian and Daniel continue to get settled into their personas as well and are likewise adding their own twists on the characters as we shoot. It’s keeping things fresh and funny, which is what I want as I think Insourcing will be a funny series for people to get into.

I have a long awaited part for Kevin Green that has been postponed a couple times, I am hoping to wrangle everyone necessary for that scene in a week or two so we can get it done.

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