A few flyers….

Posted: 2012/09/07 in Uncategorized

….are going up around Denton. Why? Because we’re looking to reach out to more people to be a part of future Taurian FIlms projects. We know there are people around looking to be involved in stuff and we need those people to know we need them? Make sense?


That’s it. Short entry.

We’re shooting four episodes of Insourcing Sunday. Well three full episodes and a pick up from the first and third episode. T’will be good times. We’re finally at the donkey show episode. *insert evil laughter*

  1. coreynkaler says:

    hi my name’s Corey, i saw one of your flyers whenever i was at the Jupiter House earlier tonight and am an aspiring filmmaker who has yet to get some hands on experience and i’d love to be involved with this in any way imaginable, my email is coreynypd@yahoo.com, please let me know if there’s anything i’d be able to be involved with, thanks,

  2. Alexander Le says:

    Hi, my name is Alexander Le, I saw one of your flyers at the UNT board and was hoping to join for some fun, please email back if I can join

  3. DakotaSByrd says:

    Hi! I saw your flyer in the Art building at UNT and wanted to find out more about your company and what you’re offering. I’m a twenty-one year old Creative Writing major with a little bit of acting under my belt as well; mostly selected scenes in high school but I also played Flute/Thisby in the 2009 production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which was put on by the Cleburne Carnegie Players. In addition, I write for The Dallas Voice. I also feel that I should mention that I’m a photography minor, a member of RWA and NTRWA and that I am trying to get a novel published. So, yeah, now you know a bit about me and hopefully I’ll get to know more about what you’re offering.

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