Artist search and “Payday”

Posted: 2012/08/24 in Uncategorized
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So now I begin the search for an artist for the “HTB” graphic novel.

I have been asking people I know for people they know with artistic skills. I have been putting some ads/posts and such online and will see about papering the campuses here in Denton and see where else I can extend my reach to find the individual who can help bring “HTB” to life. Been shot down a number of times already due to people being busy or committed to a ton of stuff or other assorted reasons.

The screening process is going to be a long one I can see. But it has to be a thorough one as well as whomever the artist is, they have to make so whatever angle they draw “Vanessa” from that you see Annie. Selling point of the book, so I will be particular about that. Hoping to be able to find someone who can get it done the necessary timetable and for a price within the budget. I checked rates with some people and wow. I’d love to be able to dole out $200 bucks a page to someone, but that would take me the rest of my days to get the book done.

Crossing fingers and sacrificing virgins that someone can be found.

In other shooting news, tomorrow will be day 3 of the shoot for Fabian Lopez’s “Payday.” A short film he wrote. He was set to have another guy shoot it but the guy fell through so I am behind the camera. I am always game to shoot something to continue to learn, trial and error and all that. Lot’s of error and figuring what I won’t do the next time. Curious to see what this will look like all put together, that’s for sure.

We have a funny bonus scene we cooked up a few weeks ago as we just sat around bullshitting after a short shoot. While it has little to do with the short film, what we have Kevin Green doing in it will be funny as hell.

Insourcing picks up again Sept. 8/9 with a few more episodes to shoot along with Kevin Green’s first chance at infomercial guru, Bobby G. It’s one of my favorite characters, so I am looking forward to seeing how he portrays him.

  1. clint ashworth says:

    I did some in my school plays. I’m a pro wrestler for the past 12 years. Looking to get into acting, although i love wrestling, it’s time i step away from the abuse of it. Been looking for somewhere to show my acting skills. I’m 33 will be 34 in nov. Please let me know if any auditions come up. I am available with.a phone call or email. Thanks a bunch. Good luck with everything

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