A fruitful trip to Cali…Morphicon and Annie Cruz

Posted: 2012/08/22 in Uncategorized
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Tired doesn’t begin to describe how I am feeling right now. But it was a weekend that was a year in the making and worth it on so many levels.

Steph and I traveled to Pasadena, CA for Power Morphicon 3, a Power Rangers convention and to finally have a sit down meeting with Annie Cruz, Jermaine Spencer, Steph and myself to discuss the graphic novel and feature adaption of that graphic novel.

The project, “HTB” has been in the works for a few years now. The name came from something I started brainstorming about in 7th grade, which continued to a character I made for the City of Heroes MMO PC game. I penned the first script for it a few years ago for a Script Frenzy event. (RIP Script Frenzy)

A partnership with another writer on a comic book he was producing that was using a the name and likeness of a reality star got me into the idea of partnering with someone on HTB to help push the book. Steph suggested Annie, who is a huge gamer and comic book fan. I said no at first, but Steph, rightly so, said the worst Annie could say was “no.”

Which she didn’t.

Annie was a go for the project and since then I had an artist, Joshua Chinksy, pen a kick ass sketch of her in the title role and I had sent the script for her to read. It was important for a couple reasons for her to see the story and make sure she was down for it, and to show how serious we were.

And again, the meeting we had out there was more effort to show that we are indeed very serious about the project and moving forward with it. Annie had a great reaction to the script and the story and characters and the other business-y sort of questions we had to work out were answered and worked out and we are all set to move forward.

This project will be done under the banner of Jigsaw Entertainment, which Jermaine and I started years back and anything we work on together goes under that umbrella.

Can’t wait.

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