Socket and Insourcing Shoots this past weekend

Posted: 2012/07/30 in Uncategorized

Friday and Saturday were good shooting days. Friday night was for Jason Terry’s Socket web show. We interviewed four bands performing at the Abbey Underground in Denton: Ghost of the Industry, I am Man, I am Monster, The Raven Charter, and Like Bridges We Burn.

That was cool. We had some fairly basic questions, but the band members various personalities made for some interesting responses.

 I was only able to see Raven Charter perform as I had to dip out due to an emergency. I will be hitting up itunes and the like to hear the other bands. Seeing them perform though, gave me a hankering to do a music video. Not that I didn’t have one already, but now it’s grown. So hopefully I can do that sometime soon for some band. (Hint to any bands out there reading this)

Also got to meet the host of Socket as well as Jason’s sound guru, so slowly but surely things are falling into place.

Saturday was the kick off of Insourcing 4.0

Things went well for that shoot, Fabian, Greg and Daniel make for an excellent Travis, Dicklan and James. We shot content for episodes 1,2,3,4 and 6. I need to get with the actors playing the callers to completely finish those episodes. But it was a good start. Episode 5 will be done in mid-August since it calls for a few more people as extras and Bobby G, which all of us are waiting to see what Kevin Green does with the character and the material.

We will pick up in August, I just have to figure out when exactly due to my impending trip to L.A. as well as Fabian’s shoot for his film. But things will get done.

Things are looking up.

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