A little about Socket

Socket is the brainchild of Jason Terry, and the goal of it is to spotlight local businesses and musical acts. Should be good stuff.

I came across Jason when I saw a tweet from him on my work twitter account about needing a camera. Me, always looking for more opportunities to shoot stuff and get better, sent a tweet to him offering my services, he responded and now I am in on his Socket endeavor.

It hasn’t taken long to line up subjects for the series, which will be distributed on youtube and Socket’s own web site. We were just out at the Sharkarosa Ranch in Pilot Point shooting All Grown Up Pictures, LLC as they were shooting a commercial for the Ranch.

Interviewing the All Grown Up Pictures, LLC guys for Socket.

That was fun, got some good footage as well as interviews with the main trio behind the company. It’s always cool to see people who started where I am as far as thinking this business is what they wanted to do, putting the group together and running with it. It’s a hustle to get gigs and get recognition, as one of them noted during their interview portion but, at the end of the day it is worthwhile.

A helicopter ride on the shoot. Loved it.

Socket has scheduled a few bands to talk to this Friday and other appointments in the future, so things are looking up already for the web show.
On the Taurian Films front, we have a Saturday shoot scheduled for Insourcing. The office stuff anyway. I have relayed to the actors the number of episodes I am looking to do, ideally we will get through them with no problems and make it all the way through.

Bulls Deep is hitting the interwebs on a weekly basis, if people haven’t heard it, they can catch it at http://taurianfilms.podomatic.com
We already had Greg Vestal as a guest on the show and we’re looking to have the other two main actors for Insourcing, Fabian Lopez and Daniel Bokor on upcoming shows. Looking for have local DFW actor Michael Gardner as well to talk about some of his upcoming projects as well as fan favorites DeDe Herron and Aprill Brandon back as well.

The episodes with them are still some of the funniest we have done in my opinion.
Long Live 6B.

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