Working with a local artist…

Posted: 2012/07/17 in Uncategorized

….on his electronic press kit. That’s part of the stuff I have coming up in the next few months. Just trying to get work, and get results to show people to get more work. Quentin Moore is a jazz/R&B artist I met from the work I do for the Denton Record-Chronicle. I did a couple short videos for the Denton Time publication featuring the artist. He reached out to me after seeing the video about helping with the EPK which I jumped at the chance to do. Will be working on that in the next few weeks, hopefully all parties are happy with that when it gets done and that can lead to work with other artists on various projects.

I want to shoot a music video at some point I know that much.

Working with Jason Terry, another Denton guy, on his web series. I think I will just be shooting that. We shall see.

Had a table read last night with the main trio of Insourcing, Greg Vestal, Daniel Bokor and Fabian Lopez. Insourcing is a very funny project, or at least is potentially one. It has not succeeded in shooting past the 6th episode due to a number of reasons over the past coupel years and thus it is on its 4th incarnation. I am confident the people I have involved, many which come from actors I worked with on the 48hr film challange, will get the project done. The guys last night were busting a gut reading the scripts, which will make filming a challenge if they haven’t desensitized themselves to the funny before we begin. I am optimistic about this go round though.

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