Bulls Deep is back

Posted: 2012/07/03 in Uncategorized

Bulls Deep is coming back.

Season 4 is about to kick off with the recording of the premiere podcast tomorrow night and released Friday on the interwebs. It was on Itunes, I will have to get it back on their so you can download it from there as well.

For those who don’t know, Bulls Deep is a weekly podcast from myself and Billy Mau. Mau is a former co-worker of mine and friend for several years now. He has written a few projects I will be filming, first and foremost another reboot of Insourcing, which I will touch upon in another blog.

Bulls Deep touches on some of the projects we’re working on in our respective lives as well as guests we have on our show, and weird news/social commentary. I say social commentary but that mostly means us making fun of the stupid people out there in the world and the stupid things they do on a regular basis.

With this go-round I’d like to keep with that formula, as it’s not broke so why fix it, right?

I’d also like to have more guests, people I have worked with, will be working with on Taurian Films related projects and entertainment in general people can promote if they wish. Same with Mau and the people he knows.

We shall see. It’s always a fun part of the week for me, to sit back and laugh, often times at my expense when it comes to clowns and drunken manly tears at friend’s weddings.

But it’s good times, good laughs and good fun.

And it’s back.

Check out http://taurianfilms.podomatic.com/ to check out some past episodes. Once I find a better way to archive the episodes, that will be up and people can check it from the beginning.

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