A few things…Bioman and going to Florida.

Posted: 2012/05/31 in Uncategorized
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Got a few things going on. Reshoots on Bioman this weekend with Laurie Kail (Selena/PinkFive) and Greg Vestal (Jack/RedOne) I have a few ideas to change up how I am going to do the opening part of the show, which the more I am thinking about it now, the cooler I think it could be.

Also in a good turn of events which can help me personally as well as professionally, I recently got accepted into a Poynter Institute for video storytelling. I was initially interested in it when I saw from the program description that it would be using DSLR cameras. I am still new to filmmaking using this medium so I welcome any formal instruction on how to do things. I am particularly interested in project/export settings when editing. Sooooo very interested in that.

My 9 to 5 as most know is as a journalist in Denton. I do a lot of video for the paper I work for and we’re also trying to get others on staff to do more video. With me attending this session and brining the knowledge back to share with my DRC co-workers as well as the DMN and have a hand in helping us all get better.

I have my hotel arrangements set up. The room I am in has a 42-inch LCD TV which means I can still hit up some Ghost Recon with MrzEnvi on off hours, which is a win. Now just trying to get airfare locked down. Admittedly there wasn’t much time between getting accepted and the start of the seminar, but, that’s the way it goes sometimes I suppose. I am still looking forward to learning from the instructors as well as the other folks that got into the class. My oldest daughter has requested a post card, so I will make sure I get on top of that as soon as I can.

The class time, June 11-15th collides with the Dallas 48hr Film Challenge which I am planning on participating in. The team I am on is being led by Greg. He has tasked me with shooting and editing it. He had inquired about me helping write, but considering when the seminar is and flying back home from Florida and such on the 15th, I’d rather be able to come in, get some rest, charge up my camera batteries, clean the lenses and get ready to just shoot and edit. Should be an interesting challenge making a short film from beginning to end in 48 hours. I look forward to the script and seeing what the actors do with it.

One thing that will help is the fact I am back in shoes on both feet and walking. I was at the doctor yesterday and he said things are heeling up fine in my ankle. Had a couple stitches to remove and I was good to go. I have an ankle brace to use when I am doing athletic stuff, which I plan on getting back to ASAP. But the bottom line is I am fully mobile again which will definitely be a boon when it comes to filming.

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