Project update-age

Posted: 2012/05/03 in Uncategorized

Taurian Films folks have been hard at work the last few weeks on a short little film project. A parody of the Power Rangers/Super Sentai of which I am a huge fan of. I wrote a script and I am using footage from the early 80s show, Bioman. The cast is 99% filled by members of Icon Studios which have been a big help. Very fun, very professional people.

Shooting has gone pretty well to this point. We have a few scenes left to go. I have cobbled together some footage in a couple cuts, just mainly going from point A to point B and to show the cast what things are looking like.

I’ve got all the villain V/O done and am waiting to get the heroes done as well.

Learning new things each and every time, which is the goal.

Hoping to have a cut of the short done by the end of the month.

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