Just a friendly update

Posted: 2012/03/13 in Uncategorized

…on where we’re at on FF:v.

In short, still waiting. Waiting on the guy who is supposed to do the blue prints for the costume. Supposed to have done them a while ago, in time enough to meet the deadline for the contest. Not very happy about that, but it’s what happens when you have a few specific people who can do the work you need done.

We didn’t get to meet Sunday for further fight scene work as Normita (stunt woman) was tied up with preparations for the premiere event she is holding in Plano this Thursday. I was not stressing about it since the deadline is shot basically.

So work will continue on getting the blueprints and the suit built. Going to talk to a manager at a location I’d like to shoot the gas station scene in the script. I will likely wrangle Hollee and Michelle together at least once before we actually shoot to read through the script and go over how things will be so it can be nice and smooth once we are on location.

Finishing my DIY lighting kit, as well as working on getting a bag to carry my camera and my lenses. Also looking to reach out to people around here and assemble a crew. Seth and I are going to work on papering the two universities on Thursday let’s see who we pick up then.

Sent out an order of business cards, ideally they will get here on or before Thursday so I can have them to hand out at the premiere. Come on Mr. Postman don’t fail me now.

  1. Reid Bennett says:

    Bummer to hear you didn’t get to make it for the contest. At least now you have more time to make it the way you want.

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