It’s a fight…

Posted: 2012/03/08 in Uncategorized

Well sort of.

Saturday a cabal of us came together at the Jenesis barbershop to start hashing out the action that takes place in the warehouse in the latter half of the FF:v script. I recorded the work and I am cutting it together for the people involved so they can look it over and be working on getting it into their head. There are roughly three parts to the fight. Separated by bouts of dialogue.

I am interested to see how it turns out as shooting action stuff is way different from shooting the other content I have done before in journalism and my filmmaking endeavors. Learning process though, that’s the good part.

Same place and time for this Sunday I believe, that’s the hope anyway, have to check with everyone else’s schedules. Keith Lee was absent last weekend as he was called into work, but he is banking on being there this time. Which is good.

Clock’s ticking.

I am hoping to make the deadline, but do have fears that the guys working on the suit blueprints will not come through in time. Keeping my fingers crossed that they still do.


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