FF:v progress

Posted: 2012/03/02 in Uncategorized

So I have a suit actress now for FF:v.

After meeting with Normita Joven from Icon Studios in Dallas, she was the one for the job. In addition to working with me on this project, after talking to her about her company and what she is doing with it, there is some opportunities for collaboration down the line that I am excited about. Things that can benefit both Icon and Taurian.

As for FF:v, Sunday I am gathering with Normita, Keith Lee and Michelle DuBose to work on the choreography for the all important action scene in the script.

I shot a scene last week with Hollee McMurray, Dakota Buchanan and Thomas Bennett. Went off pretty well. I was hobbled a bit during the shoot of course and I wish I had shot a few different angles, but it happens. I like what I shot and I like what the actors involved did. I am anxious to see the fully finished final product. It’s coming soon.

Some still to tide folks over in the meantime:

Just hoping the guys working on the blueprints of the suit get on that PDQ, as that’s the only forseable hiccup I see in this project’s completion. Crossing my fingers that it does not come to that.

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