Auditions came and went…

Posted: 2012/02/14 in Uncategorized

And they were fun and interesting i like to think. Things started off a bit rocky as some folks who came in a group arrived at the building, but they were at the wrong entrance. I assumed everyone  would end up on the Hickory Street side of the building. But, they were discovered and brought into the building and the conference room which served as the waiting area. I had nine people. Which is more than I expected to ever get.

Three prospects for Joseph, Jr. three for Joseph, Sr. two for Gabriella and one for Brenda. I have another prospect for Brenda, who got signals crossed and thought the auditions were Sunday. So I have to meet with her this week as well as the other couple of martial artists.

I will be sending out e-mails offering roles later. Things have been slowed down slightly in the last couple days due to dealing with my injury and now with the prospect of surgery tomorrow, things will be put off for another day, well some work on the project,

I am still planning on shooting not this weekend, but the next weekend, depending on weather. I had hope it would be warm enough for an outdoor block of shooting, but Texas weather is currently in one of its crazy mood swings, where it is cold and rainy, we shall see what it looks like in a week.

Still moving onward and upward on this project and optimistic about it.

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