Talent responses are coming in…

Posted: 2012/01/31 in Uncategorized
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…which is great. Only one slight issue has been discovered. In my haste to post the listing online I left out the exact location in Texas it will take place in, which is Denton, TX.

As such I have been getting responses from people in Austin and beyond.

Again I am thrilled at the interest, but considering the budget for the project, of which there isn’t much of one and most of it is going toward the costume…I wouldn’t expect or ask people to come from too far out to participate in this project.

I have been sending responses out detailing the posting issue so that people are aware of things. Hey if they want to travel for the role, I’d be thrilled as well. A few of the reels I have seen of the actors I wish they were closer.

I’ve had three martial artists respond which is good. I just need to narrow down the one I intend to use. The quicker I nail them down the quicker I can get them with my choreographer and the two people that are cast already.

In other news of note, Luis Zerni, the artist working on the costume sketch for Cera’s armor finished with it earlier today. I am digging the suit, the helmet is especially cool, though from the looks of it it won’t be easy to make. But I welcome the challenge. I am going to send the sketch to a couple of 3D modelers from the 405th.com Web site, to see about someone making a model of the costume and then it is relatively down hill from there. For those who don’t know, the 405th is a site for armor builders. They mostly focus on the Halo franchise, but do lots of other armors using various sculpting and building methods. It’s a neat site I will be using as a resource for this project and beyond.

I tweaked the script a slight bit as the first draft didn’t answer enough questions. I was trying to be vague and keep people wanting more, but there is a balance between that and just leaving people hanging I think. Ideally with the fixes I did, I didn’t leave people hanging.
Time continues to tick away but I am making forward progress each day. Anxious for the shooting part of this.

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