What is FFV?

Posted: 2012/01/29 in Uncategorized

What exactly is FFV?

FFV is going to be my entry into a film contest my associate Jermaine R. Spencer told me about. It can be found at http://youtube.com/yourfilmfestival.

My entry is a condensed version of an Ameri-toku story I have been sitting on for a few years. I had planned to do something with it later this year but the contest has caused me to adjust my time table for it. I am working on a 10-minute short to enter into the contest. The entries are due March 31. My plan is to shoot FFV the second week of February for a few weeks (on weekends I imagine) so I can spend the majority of March editing.

The story centers on a path of personal redemption for Gabriella Worthy, a disgraced former Olympic swimmer. Her life the last several years has been on a downward spiral following the discovery that she skirted the law along the way to her competitive success. Broken and isolated, Gabriella meets Cera, a young alien girl out to prove she is every bit the soldier her brothers are. The paths of the two become locked. They’ll either succeed, earn their redemption and prove their worth or be crushed and thrown into the wind.

Open roles:

Female martial artist or a woman with a martial arts background. 5ft to 5’6. She would be wearing the costume suit and performing in the action scene in the script.

Gabriella Worthy – mid 20’s, white or hispanic – Once on top of the world of competitive swimming until it was discovered she used steroids. Her world came crashing down around her topped off by a car accident that left her in a wheel chair. Now years later she is angry, bitter and alone. She shrugged it off for as long as she could but even she knows she needs to find a way to restore her name and belief in herself.

Joseph Hendricks – mid 20’s, white or hispanic – A physical therapist for the upstart rehabilitation ReCare. Joseph is a single father going through an ugly split from his high school sweetheart. He tries to be tough for the sake of his 10-year-old son, JR, but the drama does where on him. He is a very caring therapist, almost annoyingly so. He believes everyone can be helped and often gets personally involved in cases and goes out of his way to help.

Joseph Hendricks, Jr. – 10, white or hispanic – An angry little guy. He doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings about his parents splitting up and often ends up throwing out attitude at everyone from teachers, to his friends to his parents. His especially wary, and a jerk to, any women that come around he and his father.

Brenda Taylor – 20’s any race – The annoyingly perky host of the Entertainment Zone tabloid news program.

If anyone is interested in the roles they are more than welcome to submit information to Bj Lewis @ taurianbj@yahoo.com.

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