FFV progress

Posted: 2012/01/29 in Uncategorized

Met with Jamaine for a few hours on Friday evening to start working on some early choreography for the fight scene in FFV. Went well I like to think. I have nothing to compare it to of course as I have not tried to make a fight scene before, so this is trial and error and learning as I go. I recorded it to see a rough view of how the sequence is supposed to go. There are some things I like and some things I will change the next go round.

It was just myself and Jamaine this time and next time, or at soon at least, I hope to have others involved. Cast in roles already are Fort Worth actress Mechelle DuBose and Keith Lee. I am hoping to have them all together along with whomever I can cast as the suit actress for the scene. That task is ongoing.

I have the location set. I will be using the building in Pilot Point XCW ran shows and held training sessions out of. I will venture up there soon to take some pics of the place to further plan out the scene.

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