2012 Is nearly upon us

Posted: 2011/12/28 in Uncategorized

And I have a clear plan of what I want to work on and what I want to do in the new. Quite tired of having a list of stuff that remains a list and not a list of completed work. That will change. Of course that resolution has been made before, but personal issues came up and I allowed it to discourage me and get me off track. Can’t and won’t be doing that anymore. No more wasting time.

First on the agenda is the seemingly cursed project known as “Insourcing.”

Insourcing was designed to be stripped down and pathetically easy to do. Alas, nothing should ever be assumed to be easy right?

In 2012, Insourcing will began again with version 4.0.

Version 3.0 was in full swing and seemed to be headed to prosperous places with work on five episodes done, when one of my main actors bowed out due to relationship issues.

Due to that I am reach back into Version 2.0 and pulling my James actor from that and combining it with Travis from 3.0, Arrington Foster, (who has been fantastic as Travis, BTW) and starting again in late January.

No doubt this will bring some comments from writer Billy Mau, as he doesn’t hold much faith I will get the job done, but it’s a necessity.

I won’t let this project beat me.

2012. Ideas. No Bull.


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