“Things happen…

Posted: 2011/10/07 in Uncategorized

…for a reason.” Isn’t that what they say? Sometimes I find myself following that line of thinking, most times I don’t. Today was another one for the…yeah I guess it does column.

I ventured to a local place to get some copies made of my flyers and saw a guy in their getting prints for one sheets for the feature film he is hoping to get going. I asked if he was local, he is. At least for the moment, he will be making his way to LA for somethings here and there as he works toward getting his film done. But in the interim, it was a cool meeting and one I hope to prove fruitful as I intend to pick his brain for knowledge and any resources, contacts he may have to help get some of my projects done. It will be nice to build up that bank of people I can call upon for help or just general questions or conversations about writing, production, projects, ideas, hell, whatever.

The guy’s name is Kodi Zene and he’s got a Web site at http://www.kodizene.com with all sorts of linkage about him and his film endeavor. Seems like an interesting idea.

People should check it.

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