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Created and written by the comedic mind that belongs to Billy Mau.

Insourcing follows two customer complaint operators, Travis and James, through their days.

James is a hard enough working fellow trying to do his job with as little distraction and drama as possible. Travis is not so much concerned with his job and tries to keep himself entertained by creating as much distraction and drama as possible. They are led by their stalwart manager Mr. Dicklan (pronounced D’Klan), who strives to be their lighthouse in the storm and never passes up a training opportunity.

This merry trio works at United Family Products, a company that produces many of the products seen in infomercials such as the Spin Daddy pottery wheel, Shoe-in-a-Tube, Liquid Seamstress and the Sprechen Sie Spanish foreign language system. Bobby G. is the face of the company and one of the most popular pitchmen on late night TV.

How does all of this fit together? All will be revealed in a 15-episode series.
Casting for the roles of James (white mid-20’s to 30’s), Travis (black mid-20’s to 30’s)

As with any project of mine I am always on the look out for help and crew members. Feel free to contact me at

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