A hitman’s dilemma

Posted: 2011/09/29 in Uncategorized

A project on tap for Taurian Films is from a script I found online by Richard Sloat titled “Deadbeat” about an killer for hire who finds his newest client has some very awkward ties to his previous job.

The script is a 10-pager with minimal scenes and personnel requirements. I figure it’s good for something to get some practice in, to network through the cast and just put something out there rather than sitting on my hands when I have equipment and software at my disposal.


Hitman – Nigel Rabid

Young Girl – Patricia Ash (a great find from Nigel)

Secretary –

Client –

Two roles that need to be cast, but aren’t major ones, the game changers are the young girl and the hitman. Hoping to get together with the two of them to read through the script and nail down a shooting schedule.

As with any project of mine I am always on the look out for help and crew members. Feel free to contact me at taurianbj@yahoo.com

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