That’s the goal.

Hopefully we have taken some more strides in that direction in recent weeks.

We have submitted episodes of Party Girl season one and season two to the 2015 IAWTV Awards.

Submitted catagories for both seasons were Best Male Performance – Drama, Best Female Performance – Drama, Best Ensemble Cast – Drama, Best Microbudget Series (Under $15K) and Best Genre Series.

We shall see if we get any bites when nominations are announced March 3rd.

But also hopefully more people will check out the show.

Party Girl will be the subject of a feature story in IndyFest an online magazine. Questions have been answered, photos sent in, so we anticipate being in the next edition. Again, hopefully more people will check out the show.

And, Bj Lewis was invited to be a part of a roundtable of local media creators at the 2015 Comic Studies Conference at the University of North Texas this Saturday.

Contemplating things.

Cait Pool as Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl contemplating things in a season two episode.

Hopefully from that, people will be inclined to check out the show.

Earlier in the day is MiniAkon here in Denton and I shall be taking my kids to that event and while they are bouncing around there I will be sure to be handing out flyers and such and telling people about the show.

May 4 will be here before we know it and I want as many people as possible to to have a heads up and hopefully they check out the show.

It’s always nice to talk to people who seem like they will actually be about something. One thing we have learned in this so far is that lots of people talk about lots of things they want to do, plan to do, etc. and they don’t back up their boats.

Last night we spoke at length with Thomas “TL” Lewis, founder/chairman of Lawless Entertainment, an entertainment company that deals in music production and promotion, marketing and a host of other related services. We spoke about the have and have nots and our usual position of being the have nots, but who possess the desire and drive and work ethic to take our products, our message, our work to the people.  One such way is through a web TV presence Lewis is laying the foundation for. We are not strangers to have people want to use Party Girl to help build there content base as they launch a new channel. We’re glad they think of the show enough to have it amongst the first run content they launch with and ultimately hope will hook people to stay on their channel and to keep watching it.

Lewis also had some lofty goals and plans for the future and he seems like he can make it happen or at least that he will bust his rear end to make it happen and we of course respect that drive and we look forward to seeing what we can do for each other in the future.

Hopefully by working with him we can get Party Girl in front of other people we otherwise would not have a chance to and the show can continue to grow.

Check them out at the links below:

Lawless Entertainment
Thomas “TL” Lewis, Founder/Chairman
Contemplating things.

Contemplating things.

First thing’s first.

The season two kick off screening has been bumped up a week. Details can be found  —>

Will still keep the planned Free Comic Book Day appearances in Denton and Dallas of course. We will still have the first episode drop May 4 for folks to see online. But coming out to the screening and you will see it a week earlier than the rest of the world and meet the cast and crew and other people in and out of the business. So why not come out?

We have a fun fiery filming night a few days ago. We filmed the very last shot of season two.

It was a cool evening. Mid 60's I think. Cait (Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl) and Steve (2nd camera, AD) were grateful once the fire started.

It was a cool evening. Mid 60’s I think. Cait (Rachel Buchanan/Party Girl) and Steve (2nd camera, AD) were grateful once the fire started.

We still have some nagging little pick ups that need to be done so they can be thrown into the other episodes, the majority of them have been cut and assembled into rough cuts to make sure they fit within the time parameters we are using for the second season.

In the first season things were admittedly across the board time wise with some episodes clocking 15 minutes and others 30+ minutes. Never again. We’re shooting for a cool 22:00 minutes including opening and closing credits. A more compact, complete story to be had and enjoyed and accessible for streaming sites and TV channels as well.

We’re set for a story in an online magazine, which is nice, anything to get and keep more eyeballs on the show, we’re glad to be a part of.

Otherwise we are just plugging away, cutting season two and trying to get word out there and get people to take notice of it and give it a shot.

Nuff said.

Lots of work went into this and its filled with lots of talented Texans.

…as these cons always are promoting Party Girl.

Me, Cage-ing out one more time at the North Texas Comic Book Show!

Me, Cage-ing out one more time at the North Texas Comic Book Show!

Said it before and will again that it is fun and vital to get out in front of people, in their faces to tell them about the show. A lot of the time I was talking to people I could feel them take on my enthusiasm for the show the more they heard about it. Which is of course what I want. Granted a con is a weekend where they will be bombarded with sights to see and things to do, so you do wonder if they can even retain things 30 minutes later, an hour later, a day later when they are at home and going through their bags of swag. Will they see the flyer or card for Party Girl and make that mental note to check out the show or will they chuck it in the trash with the other stuff they have forgotten about. It happens. I know that.

Making friends at the con.

Cait Pool (Party Girl) and Caly Pool (Harley) making friends at the con.

But hopefully more people remembered than forgot and more people will check out the show than will ignore it. That’s what it continues to be about right now, just grinding and getting attention and hopefully people latch onto it, watch the first season and are ready and willing to hit season two along with us in May.

Cait and I sat down with Jason the X from SCNS:Live in advance of our in studio appearance Thursday that will see the debut of the new season two teaser. Always enjoy talking to those guys and their support for the show.

Beyond that we made some contacts, met some cool people and just hope it leads to good things, positive things in the future for us and for Party Girl.

Folks milling about at the two day convention in Dallas this weekend will get to meet myself and series star, Cait Pool (Saturday only) at the show.

We were there for the November show and made lots of friends and potential contacts and we are looking to make a bigger impact and get more exposure for the show this time around as well.

Getting out and actually talking to people and telling them about the show is the best way to get people to check it out, I think. They can really see the passion we have for the show in person rather than text and if we’re excited about it, it gets them excited and so on and so on.

Good times. Can’t wait.

We filmed a bit this weekend. Big thanks to those who came out Sunday to help us with some reshoots.

There was some fun physical fight stuff for Cait as well. She has come a long way since the first time she filmed and the first punch she ever threw on camera. Anxious to see how she continues to improve.

Things are looking good for the series when it drops May 4.

The first teaser is coming soon and here’s a quick look at a couple of the characters viewers will meet.

2015 is of course off into high gear and we have made it a point to get moving on our projects. You get out of them what you put into them, right? As far as recognition, word of mouth…people have tons of other things going on so you have to really do your part to step out in front of them and show them that you have something and that your something is good.

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

Cait Pool, Party Girl for season two!!

It’s happened slowly but surely with Party Girl, Taurian Films chief export right now.

Season one is online.

Season two is nearly done. We of course wanted it to be completely done by now, but when you have as many actors as we have had for it and with the talent they possess, they get pulled into lots of projects, bigger projects and lots of times paying projects, so we have to wait our turn. It’s the way it is for the moment, until we crack that consistent funding code and we’re not scraping together all we can to pay for things related to the project.

Speaking of, I am looking at taking on a workshop gig teaching at risk youth multimedia and having them work towards generating their own short video project. What those projects will be, I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see what can be created when you take those minds and that energy and put it towards something positive. Planning on using that payday towards some post production work on Party Girl (mostly the sound) and hopefully raising some money for the rest.

Party Girl is seen on a handful of Roku channels, most recently Maiden Network and we are eyeing some international outlets as well.

The North Texas Comic Book Show is in a week in Dallas and our plan is to be there promoting the show as well. We’ve gotten good responses as the cons we have went to so far and looking to have things continue as we work to build up interest in the Party Girl season two when it drops May 4th at a special screening at the Texas Theater. Really looking forward to that as things will definitely go a lot smoother than the season one screening and subsequent release of the episodes online. Not afraid to say things could have gone better, but we take our lumps, we learn and we get better and we’re anxious to show how we have gotten better.

The first teaser for season one is set to debut on the Jan 29th installment of SCNS: Live with myself and Cait Pool in their studio talking about the show. Can’t wait for it as those guys are always very supportive of the show.

A past pin up sketch for HTB. Annie has lent her likeness to the main character for the book and plans to star in the film adaption.

A past pin up sketch for HTB. Annie has lent her likeness to the main character for the book and plans to star in the film adaption.

The other big iron that has been thrown in the fire is HTB, Hard Target B*tch, a graphic novel/film project that has been in the works for a while now. It’s been gestating, getting tweaked here and there, movement hasn’t been supremely fast on it for the simple fact that we need money to go forth with it. The size and scope of both the graphic novel and the film are out of our financial wheelhouse at the moment and we’re hoping our fundraising efforts, both crowdfunding and seeking other investors, can yield success.

The crowdfunding part of things is online on Indiegogo at and we’re hoping fans of Mz. Cruz can help get the ball rolling on the support of the book. In our mad plan, the book gets made and its a made to order blue print of how the film can be done and will be done and hopefully people who would potentially help fund it, can see that and get behind it. Because it’s not moving forward without funding.

We shall see.

Coming down the pike as well this year a couple pilot pitches, the third and final season of Party Girl and…who knows what else.