And fill the cast we did thanks to work put in Sunday.

It was a busy day as we were busy in a few areas. We held auditions for more roles in CKS and the other thing we did was film a short episode of CKS. Micro-chapter, micro episode, mini episode, whatever your preferred description of it, that is what we filmed. We conceived it to accomplish a few things. To give us something relatively quick and easy we could do. To give us some content to put out there involving CKS. To give those involved a chance to get an early start on playing their character on camera. We think we succeeded in that and that the ladies involved got to learn a bit about what it takes to do the fight scenes. Being skilled in their various martial arts is one thing, but bringing it in front of the camera is something else and we wanted them to get a feel for that before we film the pilot.

Speaking of the pilot, we are tweaking the script again. In addition to general edits to tighten up dialogue, we are changing the town the story takes place. While the high school will remain Dakota High School we are changing the story to take place in actual Denton, TX. The goal is to use the sights and sounds of Denton as well as some of the haunts in the show. Hopefully we can garner some support from local businesses and local people that way as well.


Wen-chieh Chi – The Next



We cast a few roles out of the auditions Sunday, big and small roles. One of the highlights being the role of THE NEXT. The First and The Next are two former cheer members who had a falling out with Mark and left the school (or were kicked out if you ask them) they are a very important part of the first season and we wanted to have a couple kick ass actresses to play them. We already had Maddy Cerda on board for The First and now we have Wen-chieh Chi and her  taekwondo black belt for The Next. She is an aspiring actress and action star and is eager to take on CKS and we could not be happier to have her.

We found a few more side characters in Barron Hodges, his best friend, Trip Stephens, a few of the other players at the school, and more. We did OK I believe. And of course,  for more information on casting, feel free to check out

We’re excited for what the series can be, we just have to get to filming and make it happen.


A few BTS videos to show what exactly we were up to Sunday in addition to auditions.


Lots more BTS content to come as more join the cast, as the girls train as we hold table reads and actually get to filming.

Hopefully people enjoy what they see and will check out the show when it is released later this year!

There was good times with kick ass people this past weekend as we filmed Taurian Films entry into the Rack Focus film competition. We were welcomed in at Zini’s Pizza in Deep Ellum on Saturday and filming continued Sunday afternoon at Mabrey Studios (AKA the House of Jenni Mabrey that we used for filming lots of Party Girl: The Series).

It was a long as day and I am very appreciative of everyone’s hard work, dedication, patience and skills to help make the short.


On set and filming 20 Minutes Or Less.

There are some technical things I could nitpick on my end as I do my retrospective thinking, and probably will. Some things I am seeing as I edit the rough cut that’s annoying me. Stuff I have caught before, but didn’t this time. Constantly learning. That’s what I have to chalk it up to. Of course everyone else was top notch. Gabriella and Kerry were amazing, and it only reinforced my joy at meeting Gabriella and learning of her skillset and being able to use that for 20 Minutes or Less and the upcoming Cheerleader Karate School. 20MinutesOrLess.Still002

Everyone was great on set in front of the camera and behind it, helping out setting up and tearing things down.

Hopefully they all feel the end product is worth their time and talent.

Waiting on a buddy of mine to work up an original musical score for it and we have some ADR work to do. Other than that and tooling away on the cut of the film, just waiting now for the information on the screening date so we can plan to attend that. 20MinutesOrLess.Still001

Be on the look out for that because when we know, you will know.

And then there were five.

After another round of auditions, the requisite amount of last second cancellations and no shows, we have emerged with what we think is going to be a great core group of young actresses for our Cheerleader Karate School project.

As we have stated, we wanted a few things with this project. We wanted talented eager actresses ready to put in work and help us build a strong franchise type of product and we wanted legit ass kickers. And we believe that what is what we have.

The first to join our squad, with 12 years of MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Kenpo-Karate and Jiu-Jitsu in her background was the incomparable Gabriella Corvina as FIORELLA “FI” ESPINOZA. Gabriella came to us as we looked for actors for the SHIFT series.


Gabriella Corvina

We have since had to put that plan on the shelf after losing our lead a few days before the first shooting day. Gabriella listed her martial arts background on her resume and after confirming it was legit we became interested in going forward with CKS, one of a zillion projects swimming around in Bj’s head at any given time. We wanted a certain look and feel to the show and especially the action scenes when they happen. We wanted a certain legitimacy to them and wanted martial artists to give us that. People will be able to get an early look at what Gabriella can do in May when she appears in the short film, 20 Minutes or Less, that Taurian Films is producing for the Rack Focus Dallas film competition.

The second to join our squad, with a black belt in Taekwondo was Christine Rejcek as the spunky trouble maker BRICE VACARRO. Like Gabriella, Christine came to us through SHIFT.


Christine Rejcek

Just talking in general with her about future ideas, Christine let it be known about her blackbelt and the wheels were spinning in Bj’s head. Without specifically looking for it, he had landed two of the five girls he needed for CKS!


Fast forward a few weeks later and now all of them have been locked in.

Jumping on board CKS as the fiery TYESHA BANKS and bringing along some boxing and kickboxing skills with her is Maya DeBruce. After talking to her at the audition we felt she would bring enthusiasm, positive energy and dedication to the project and that is what we need to make it all happen.


Maya DeBruce

Summer Dobozy has some fight choreography training, hip hop dance training experience with her alongside an eagerness to soak up some more martial arts knowledge. Couple that with her acting chops and she is going to make a great KEEGAN FOX. Summer has read for us a few times in the past and we felt she could be what we needed for the role in CKS.


Summer Dobozy

Rounding out the butt kicking cheer team… Kalei Lozano. With her comes eight years of dance, three years of competition cheer and four years or karate (so far, she’s looking to bolster that), along with some musical talents. Kalei read for Josey Rae and while she read great with Christine and seemed eager and ready to jump on the project, we didn’t know if she would fit the specs of what we set for Josey Rae.


Kalei Lozano

BUT by the same token, we didn’t want to not come away with Kalei on the project particularly with her martial arts background. So we retooled a bit of the background and personality for Josey Rae (not by too too much) and she will now be HEATHER ARRINGTON in CKS.

So we are locked and loaded and ready to go.

The page on facebook is

The Hashtags of choice are #CheerleaderKarateSchool and #CKS on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc.

The plan is to film the teaser and act one portion of the pilot. That will be two days, one evening here in Denton and one day in Boyd, TX at the high school there. After that we try and raise some capital to finish the pilot as well as the rest of the first season.


We’ve got some swag coming along including some great T-shirts that will be produced by Denton’s ND TShirt Company. We have some pre-orders on deck for those and we’re excited to get them out into the world and start to build up support for the show. Also planning on some convention appearances and other moves to get people to notice us. Grassroots is the way to go.

It won’t be easy of course. We have lessons learned from Party Girl: The Series that we are looking to apply to CKS and improve our results and get more people watching us and what we are producing.

We have a fun story, a diverse cast with women at the forefront of things and plenty of other reasons for people to check out Cheerleader Karate School.

Now to just see what happens.


Submitting season two of Party Girl to the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. They have a category for Web Series over 11 minutes which fits the show. We have entered Party Girl in a couple fests thus far and haven’t found success. Here’s hoping fortune changes for us with this latest one.


In the meantime you can check out the show and see some great performances by a host of talented up and coming actors led by Cait Pool, who is going to become a household name sooner than later.


And of course, check out our Suicide Squad fanfilm, A Typical Tuesday, coming very very soon.

Saturday was another great day as anticipated when Kerry McCormick was added to the project. Kerry is an accomplished actor, martial artist and all around great person. Of the small number of folks met thus far that years later is still as real as they were from Day 1.


Making notes on the scene. Planning the magic.

Coupled with the talented Gabriella Corvina and you have the makings of a dynamite scene and from what the ladies put together already, everyone is going to be talk about their scene. Of course we wish it could have gone on longer but Rack Focus films are only to be 10 minutes long so we needed an intense two minute throw down from them. Gabriella will be throwing down with other people along the way, so will she make it out alive? Who knows. You will just have to check things out when the screening happens.


We wanted to produce 20 Minutes or Less for Rack Focus Round 2 but things happened with our planned lead at that point. Of course things happen for a reason they say. And who knows if we would have come in contact with Gabriella or the other talented people connected to this project had it not been delayed?


We are a week away from auditions to fill out the rest of the team for the upcoming project Cheerleader Karate School. We already have two of the main five ladies cast, one of which is of course Gabriella, the other is Christine Rejcek, a budding actress and trained martial artist. Looking forward to those auditions that, barring any last minute issues, will have Gabriella and Christine onhand to participate and read with the actresses so we can get an early feel on chemistry for the group. CKS is something we are proud of and think in this day and age of franchises for TV shows and movies, we think it could become a successful one.


Gabriella working out fight stuff with Kerry for 20 Minutes or Less. She’s going to bring that same enthusiam to CKS.



The first couple episodes have been written and will be broken down in order to gauge an average budget per episode to add to our business plan as we seek funding to make it happen.

We are working on marketing/promotional ideas as well. We are planning a web comic tie in that will take place a bit before the timeline of the show.  Trying to think of swag that we can offer to people in support of the project beyond the obvious t-shirts. Speaking of those we are going through the ND T-Shirt Company, a local Denton business, for our shirts. We have seen the proofs for CKS shirts and we are definitely looking forward to getting them produced and out to the masses. We hope to have everyone in place cast wise so we get get promo pics done in time to do some grassroots promotion at a few local comic book conventions. Of course everything comes down to money, at first anyway and what we can afford to start with.



A past pin up sketch for HTB. Annie has lent her likeness to the main character for the book and plans to star in the film adaption.

Work is ongoing on the HTB teaser for our graphic novel/film project with Annie Cruz. Jermaine is out in Cali putting the final touches on that. In the meantime people can and should be liking the facebook page or following on twitter @HTBMovie to stay up to date with the latest information on the project.


Party Girl: The Series is still gaining attention from people who have not seen it before. Which, by viewcounts, is a lot. Hopefully this trend will continue and more people will check out the show as it’s as good today as it was last year when we produced it.


Our Suicide Squad fanfilm, A Typical Tuesday is still in post. Probably a month or two longer before it drops. We are still contemplating a screening for it, or if we just drop it online. Hopefully people will enjoy the short which was just made by fans for fellow fans of the soon to be box office record breaking Suicide Squad.


Sunday was a good day at MDF Studios in Cedar Hill.


MDF Studios


MDF Studios is the family dojo of Gabriella Corvina, the uber talented young actress we were fortunate enough to land in the lead role of WINNIE for the 20 Minutes or Less short film for the Rack Focus Round 3 competition. As stated before, we have shot action, but we really wanted to improve on things and have a better end product when it comes to our action scenes. A big part of that of course is organization, planning and practice. The meeting Sunday was to get with the actors involved in choreographing and rehearsing some of thing action to be seen in the short.


Gabriella and Isadora working out their scuffle.

May 7th will get here sooner than we know it so we have to get the work in. The main fight scene will have to wait until we can get Gabriella with Kerry McCormick, but we were able to plot out a few other things that go down. I hope to scout to location prior to the next time we meet to really tighten up the choreography before filming. That way I can get exact measurements and layout of the place so we will be able to see where the actors can and can’t go.


Bella and Gabriella working things out.

It’s always fun and exciting to see people really buy into your script and your project and willing to do what it takes to make it happen. That’s what I saw on display Sunday with the cast/crew I was blessed with. I know it will make for a fun short.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what they had to say about things….


Check a clip from our upcoming short fanfilm, A Typical Tuesday.


Check out Party Girl: The Series Season 2 starring the incomparable Cait Pool!


And be sure to check out and follow for our upcoming graphic novel/film with Annie Cruz!



See what we did there?

Well as mentioned, we are shifting our focus a bit. Our plan was to film SHIFT during the month of February and tinker away with it in post during the month of March while we filmed our entry into the 3rd Rack Focus film competition.  Our first SHIFT shoot was to be this past weekend, but due to scheduling and other factors we are parting ways with Shelby Chambers in the lead role of JENNIFER EARHEART. It happens to the best of it. We are looking at replacing the lead role and hope to do that sooner than later.

So in the meantime we are flipping our plans and working on 20 Minutes or Less in earnest as that project is cast and we just need the locations still. A pizza place, a big ass house and a moped. But we have every confidence we will find what we need and be ready to film very soon and finish the production well in advance of the May 7th Rack Focus 3 deadline.

I’m excited, we have some great people set to work on 20 Minutes or Less including Gabriella Corvina, Kerry McCormick, Michael Loud, Shannon Houk, Albert Louis, Fabian Lopez, Glenn Franklin, Tiffany Lang and more. We’re geeked. The big part of things is trying to choreograph and shoot the action in a way that will somehow be different than what we have seen before. I believe we will be the only straight up action short in this round so we definitely want to stand up and stand out from the others.

In the meantime, check out a couple of our projects below. Our beloved Party Girl: The Series! And our Suicide Squad fan film!

And be on the look out for more news on our HTB graphic novel/film project teaming Taurian Films with Annie Cruz!



The Round 3 Pitch Meeting has come and gone. And this time myself and Taurian Films is in it. I have a script, I have some interested people and I intend to bring the contest and the world 20 Minutes or Less…’pizza eating and ass beatings’

We will be filming it in March since for a few weekends in February, I will be tied up with SHIFT. And the awesome project that will be.


Presenting my idea at the Rack Focus 3 Mixer.

For those who may not have been at the pitch session and are interested, here’s the long and short of it:

A stated at the pitch session, this will be an action short. I intend to film it in March in the DFW area ideally, but I do have a possible location lead in McKinney.

The plan is for two days of shooting. One day at the pizza place and one day at the house where the action takes place. There will be at least two days of work with the fight choreography. It’s not super in depth for everyone but we will learn it and rehearse it to be prepared for a smooth shoot.

I am casting more or less on headshots/reels and availability for most roles. For those that require me to see more of an actor, I will reach out to them to set things up.

My needs:

Location – Big ass house that would befit a crime boss.

Location – Mom and pop type of pizza place that will let us film there. We can incorporate their name for some free advertisement for them or leave it out, whatever works.

Cast – 8-10 goons. Well dressed men (and women) of any ethnicity (18-40s) to get their asses kicked on screen. A few of them have speaking parts, albeit brief ones. (It’s a 10-minute short so everyone can’t have a Shakespearean soliloquies).

Cast – Female bodyguard, 18 – 30s, with martial arts background ideally. Will look at those with gymnastics/other athletics in their background.

Cast – Pizza place extras. Of those I don’t know how many I need just yet, it will depend on the pizza place location and what we want/can bring in there.

Crew – 1st AD, Set PA, Script super, boom operator, make up artist (good with blood, wounds, bruises), camera operator (possibly, I have not decided if I am going to do any of the shooting or not, may need an op for a second camera), set photographer (i never do enough BTS material so I am going to definitely look at doing more)


If you have any questions feel free to hit me up @ and ask. If this seems like something you want in on, LMK and I will get you the script and we can talk more.