Cast/Crew Call information for SHIFT:

When Jennifer Earheart discovers that the worlds she visits in her day dream adventures are places she has the power to visit, the power to SHIFT between realities is opened to her. But to SHIFT into another reality means taking over the body of her alternate self, which brings adventure, excitement and consequences she can’t imagine.

The sci-fi/fantasy/adventure series features the popular open source character, Jenny Everywhere, The Shifter.

The post on gives a specific date for auditions for Dec. 12, but if there needs to be alternate appointment times/days, those can be arranged. The plan is to film over two weekends in Jan. 2016.

It’s UNPAID right now, but we hope to change that.

We have a 10-episode first season planned out but we’re only shooting the first 2 chapters as an extended teaser/proof of concept and then trying to garner the funds for the full season.

The project will film in and around Denton, Pilot Point, Aubrey Texas.

Bethany Franklin, Any race, 16-18, any body type
Jennifer’s best friend and voice of reason when it comes to Jennifer’s reality jumping. She is someone who deals in facts and things she can see with her own eyes.

Mr. Earheart, White, 40s – 50s, any body type
Plain jane and boring as sin, but thinks he is the coolest guy in the world.

Mrs. Earheart, White, 40s – 50s, any body type
As plain as her husband, but totally oblivious to that fact.

Andre Earheart, White, 10 – 12, any body type
Just your run of the mil bratty little brother of Jennifer.

Jenny Everywhere, White or Hispanic, 16-18, medium to athletic body type.
A metal loving rocker chick. She is the one who introduces our main character Jennifer to the concept of alternate realities and SHIFTING. If the show goes to series, Jenny will be a recurring role as she proves to be a guide and quite possibly an enemy to Jennifer.

Alt. Mr. Earheart – White or Hispanic, 40s – 50s
A metal head. He has been in a rock band since his college years and they continue to have regular gigs.

Alt. Mrs. Earheart – White or Hispanic, 40s – 50s
Back up singer in the metal band she and her husband are in. They love rock, always have, always will and continue to play gigs, smaller gigs of course, but gigs none the less.

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Only one more chapter until the end of the Party Girl: The Series Season 2.

Is it the end for Party Girl: The Series?

We shall see.

Relationships and feuds come to an end as things get that much hard for Party Girl in the newest chapter of Party Girl: The Series season two!

So go check it out!

Check it!

So a few months ago, back on Free Comic Book Day, Bj and Cait sat down with the Sci Fi Maker podcast to talk about Party Girl, the story and some behind the scenes topics on what it takes to bring the series to life.

It took a bit of time, but now it’s online at this LINK.

Thanks to those guys for the support!

Check out the season two playlist!

….is a new film competition for us local DFW area filmmakers started by Israel Luna. The screening for the first competition was held a few weeks ago at the historic Texas Theater and saw eight movies screened for judges and moviegoers. It was cool to see as I know and have worked with many of the people involved in many of the films. There were some hiccups to be had given it was the first ever event for the competition. I like the idea of it though and we were looking forward to participating in the second competition.

But we missed out. While we have our 10-minute movie script ready to go and were prepared to pay the entry fee before the deadline, we were not prepared for the deadline to be moved up due to so many people entering. There were 30 submissions totaled when they closed the submissions 14 hours before the deadline.

It’s nice that the contest has grown so quickly, but yeah, it sucked for us.

But, as stated, we have the script, we have the cast and we have the desire to see this film completed. So It will be done over the next couple months and finished in what would have been time enough for the Rack Focus deadline and screening, but we will screen it ourselves. We are going to drop out Suicide Squad fanfilm in December, screening it at the Texas Theater and we will have our planned film, “20 Minutes of Less” screen before the Squad film so it can be seen on the big screen. It’s going to be a great little short with some humor and some action courtesy of Adrenaline Fights & Stunts.

We’re looking forward to it.

In the meantime of course, please do check out what we have going now….

The newest Party Girl: The Series Micro Chapter

The Suicide Squad: A Typical Tuesday fanfilm Teaser