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I mean I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the (awesome) Louisiana Tech University, but maybe I should have went for an engineering one as well. Why? Maybe it would help give me some insight and extra skill when it comes to engineering attention for Party Girl.

What do you think?

Now I know, I know, it’s a slow grind to build a brand, and establish something from basically nothing, but I want more firepower in doing it.

We are loading some promotional barrels coming up in the near future with cons and other promotional activities. And we’re always looking to add more to the mix.

Just trying to grind…and grind….annnnnnnnnd…still grind some more.

Updated Party Girl event Calender:

Sept. 26 – 28 – FenCon XI, Dallas Texas, (we’re not there officially but we’re crashing)
Oct. 10-12 – 3rd Annual Lake Charles Music & Film Festival
Oct. 25-26 – Tyler Rose City Comic Con, Tyler TX
Nov. 8 – Burelson Event TBA
Nov. 15 – Movies and Creators Night at Roll2Play – Coppell
Nov. 15 – North Texas Comic Book Show, Dallas TX

And we’re looking to have our pals from SCNS: Live on set for an upcoming shoot. And with FenCon a no go, we’re going to debut the teaser for the second season on an upcoming SCNS: Live.

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DENTON – Another chapter in the ongoing super hero web series, Party Girl, has hit the web!

The series, written, filmed, edited and produced by Bj Lewis and his group, Taurian Films, continues the story of Rachel Buchanan and her masked crime fighting journey.

Chapter IX, “Into the Darch-ness” continues to feature great Texas talent in front of the camera including Jeanne Lampley in the title role of Party Girl, Giovannie Cruz as Red Rose, Caden Blevins as Darchart, Ada Perez as Connie Lopez and DJ Economou as Edward Buchanan, Rachel’s father.

This episode, which can be found on the Facebook page for the show or the official site,, finds Party Girl running afoul of a vigilante from a neighboring city.

“Super hero team ups have to happen. They just do. So I was excited to include one of my own in Party Girl,” Lewis said of the episode. “I think Jeanne and Caden had a nice chemistry with each other and that translated to the onscreen interaction between Party Girl and Darchart.”

Filming the episode was a massive effort as all of them have been for Lewis and the crew.  The episodes were shot over the course of 2013 in and around Denton, Aubrey, Boyd, Lewisville and Carrollton. 

“It was pretty cold when we filmed the warehouse scenes for this episode. The building was an icebox, had to be about 50-something in there. But everyone stuck it out and brought everything they could to their roles.”

Lewis said it is a testament to the talent he has been blessed to work with on this project.

He noted this episode as well as all of them have some quirks due to time and money constraints.

“I say money like we actually have some. This has been a little to no budget production from the word go and I have been running it as mostly a one man band. Not that I regret any of that,” Lewis said. “And I have picked up great crew help along the way.”

The goal now and continually, Lewis said is to get the show out in front of people.

“To show the work of these talented actors and hopefully someone will come along and say ‘wow, look what these guys did with only a few dollars. Let me help them out and see what they can really do. That’s the goal.”

Lewis and company are currently filming season two of Party Girl.

Media inquiries can be made through

The newest chapter of the Party Girl Web Series is live and can be seen below.

We are sprinting through the rest of season one and closer to the first look at season two which will be at FenCon XI in Dallas this year.

Also, look for the Party Girl Web Series to make an appearance at the 3rd Annual Lake Charles Film and Music Festival, Oct. 10-12 in Lake Charles, LA!

When Rachel tries to help her sister, Michelle, with a story about a thief visiting Pyramid City she gets much more than she bargained for.

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter V  (Close Captioned for deaf/hearing impaired)
Chapter VI

For more information on the show check out the Facebook, or Official Web Site

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It’s been a minute we know, but the hiatus is over, we’re here and so is Party Girl!

Newest chapter of Party Girl featuring the hugely talented Alan Chow and Mo Lindholm, alongside the other usual ass kicking cast members.

We had some audio issues and some FX issues as well, due to disagreements with the FX guy we had set last year.

More reason why we are hoping to raise some money to better the second season production and ideally come back and remaster season one as well. You can check out the fundraising campaign at

But still the performance of Chow, Lindholm and the others are still worth seeing.