The newest chapter of the Party Girl Web Series is live and can be seen below.

We are sprinting through the rest of season one and closer to the first look at season two which will be at FenCon XI in Dallas this year.

Also, look for the Party Girl Web Series to make an appearance at the 3rd Annual Lake Charles Film and Music Festival, Oct. 10-12 in Lake Charles, LA!

When Rachel tries to help her sister, Michelle, with a story about a thief visiting Pyramid City she gets much more than she bargained for.

Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter V  (Close Captioned for deaf/hearing impaired)
Chapter VI

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It’s been a minute we know, but the hiatus is over, we’re here and so is Party Girl!

Newest chapter of Party Girl featuring the hugely talented Alan Chow and Mo Lindholm, alongside the other usual ass kicking cast members.

We had some audio issues and some FX issues as well, due to disagreements with the FX guy we had set last year.

More reason why we are hoping to raise some money to better the second season production and ideally come back and remaster season one as well. You can check out the fundraising campaign at

But still the performance of Chow, Lindholm and the others are still worth seeing.

Thursday night myself and Party Girl cast members DJ Economou, Jenni Mabrey and the new Rachel Buchanan, Cait Pool, had a chat Thursday night with the hosts of SCNS: Live, a Dallas based web show that highlights entertainment and popculture and gives love to Dallas areas projects and people.

It was fun for all to have another avenue to chat about Party Girl and bring some attention to the show.

We’re hoping to connect with the SCNS crew again for some on set features in the future. Check out the link synced up to our appearance.

And then go and check the whole episode of course.

First off thanks to those of you guys out there who have been watching and supporting the show!
It’s here!
It’s live!
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Do you Roku?

If you do, great. If you don’t, you should.


Well because beginning this weekend, from what we’re told if you use Roku check out the Unlock Television channel to see Party Girl! It’s in the Movies/TV section on Roku.

Check it out and let us know if it is there.

More eyeballs on Party Girl!

Party Girl Web Series Chapter V

Party Girl Web Series Chapter V (Close Captioned Version)

So we are already in the midst of working on translating the Party Girl scripts into Spanish so we can have Spanish subtitled versions of the episodes, but we admittedly did not make plans to address another group, deaf and hearing impaired audiences.

Captioned Web TV has a Facebook page and blog site that spotlights web series with closed captions. Upon visiting the site, we saw where it noted a list of benefits for captioning your web series including

  1. Increased viewership – Captioning has been proven to increase views.
    • Discovery Digital Networks – in this promotional article, a captioning service reports that adding captioning increased views by over 7 percent.
    • In an article on Streaming Media, a YouTube product manager reports that in a test by YouTube itself, captioning was found to increase views by four percent. In addition, YouTube does NOT use automatic captioning when indexing videos. YouTube only uses edited captions for indexing.
    • You can get additional views for an older show by going back and adding captions.
  2. Increased viewing time – Subtitling/captioning has been shown to increase how much time people spend watching a video to completion. In a promotional article, ReelSEO reports on a captioning service study that demonstrates as much as a 40% increase in viewing time.
  3. Helping Speakers of Other Languages Learn to Read – Captioning has been proven to help adults learning English as a second language. You can have the satisfaction of knowing you may have helped such people with their literacy skills.
  4. Helping Children Learn to Read – Captioning has been proven to help children learn to read. You can have the satisfaction of knowing you may have helped a child to improve his or her reading skills. Learn about current research on the Captions for Literacy website.

And these were only a few of the benefits listed.

Since we’re so used to the fact that we hear, we don’t think about those who can’t. It’s a lesson, you have to make sure you include everyone as you consider the audiences you’re trying to reach.

We started our caption plan with the latest chapter and we will be working our way backward. One we get them all, the blog site will list them.